A Brand new show combining Magic & Illusion with psychological discoveries which will change the way you look at life forever.

The Winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2016 Lance Corporal Richard Jones has spent the last 2 years travelling the world in search of ‘Real’ Magic.

What he found is that whether you’re a Royal family member living in luxury or a person living in the heart of a war zone we all experience magic in the same way.

Its not in what we witness that matters, but instead the experience we create in our own mind that makes magic real.

After studying the lives of the most successful people in the world we now understand that our realities are a direct result of the pictures we create in our minds.

By utilising our imaginations we can take back control of our thoughts and in doing so break through the limits of what we believe to be possible.

Prepare to be amazed & witness first hand the power of our imagination as we break through the limits together in the Brand new Touring Show, ESCAPE!

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