Spotlight On: David Copperfield

People will always be keen to hire professional magicians for corporate events and other festivities – after all, it’s always amazing to watch someone do a trick and have no idea how they’ve done it. It transports us back to our childhoods, where wonder and imagination ruled the roost. But all magicians had to start somewhere and it’s usually by being inspired by one of the greats.

Undoubtedly, one of the very best – and most famous – of all magicians over the years has to be David Copperfield. He came from relatively humble beginnings – his father owned Korby’s Men’s shop while his mother worked in the insurance industry.

His shyness as a child was what drew him to magic in the first place, with tricks helping to bring him out of his shell… and by the age of 12, he was already very accomplished as a magician, invited to join the Society of American Magicians as its youngest-ever member.

By the age of 16, Copperfield was teaching a course called The Art of Magic at New York University and by 18 he was cast as the lead in the Magic Man, a musical comedy from the producers behind super successful film Grease.

Some of his most famous tricks include The Illusion of the Century – The Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty. The event itself was televised live in April 1983, an amazing trick that involved a rotating platform, a curtain draped in front of Lady Liberty and a lot of misdirection.

Want to see it in action? You can watch a video of the trick right here on the Gothamist website.