Breathe Magic Camp Comes To Birmingham This Week!

There’s nothing quite like the joy and amazement you feel when watching an accomplished magician pull off a brilliant trick… nothing quite like it apart from learning to do a few tricks yourself, that is!

If you’re in and around Birmingham this week, you might well spot a few very excited faces here and there, as the Breathe Magic camp has just come to the city, using magic tricks to help rehabilitate children who have hemiplegia. This is a condition caused by a brain injury that leads to a lack of control down one side of the body.

According to the Birmingham Mail, magic tricks have been adapted by the camp organisers to be used as a kind of physiotherapy. The aim is to help children learn how they can regain control of their bodies and practice dextrous tasks that can help them with normal everyday practices like tying shoelaces, buttoning up their shirts and using a knife and fork.

Yvonne Farquharson, Breathe Arts Health Research founder, was quoted by the news source as saying: “Breathe Magic not only improves the functional ability of children with hemiplegia, but also boosts their psychological wellbeing and self-confidence. Over five years of research and development we have carefully shaped an evidence-based clinical intervention and we’d like to see more children with hemiplegia across the country benefit.”

Magic tricks are also used by the organisers in a weekly club to teach adult stroke survivors therapeutic exercises. The idea is to help them develop hand and arm skills so they can become more independent, try out performing magic techniques and boost their confidence and self-esteem into the bargain.

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