Why Do We Say Abracadabra?

Giving magic tricks a try is something that every child dabbles in at least once. We bet you all had a box stuffed full of top hats, magic wands, white rabbits and trick decks of cards! And we bet that you all at some point pulled off a very successful trick to the amazement of your friends and family, yelling out “abracadabra” with glee!

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3 Magic Trick Apps To Try Out Today

If you fancy yourself as the next great corporate magician, you might want to get technology on your side and download a couple of apps to see if you have what it takes to wow crowds. Here are a few that could help you get started. And failing that, at least you’ll have some new tricks to impress your friends and family with at the Christmas dinner table this year!

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What To Consider When Booking A Wedding Magician

An important part of planning the perfect wedding is making sure that you have the very best entertainment on hand to keep your guests well amused throughout the day… and what could be better than a wedding magician? But you’ve got to ensure you’ve booked the right one – so here are a few tips to help you avoid disappointment on your big day.

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Spotlight On: David Copperfield

People will always be keen to hire professional magicians for corporate events and other festivities – after all, it’s always amazing to watch someone do a trick and have no idea how they’ve done it. It transports us back to our childhoods, where wonder and imagination ruled the roost. But all magicians had to start somewhere and it’s usually by being inspired by one of the greats.

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