3 Magic Trick Apps To Try Out Today

If you fancy yourself as the next great corporate magician, you might want to get technology on your side and download a couple of apps to see if you have what it takes to wow crowds. Here are a few that could help you get started. And failing that, at least you’ll have some new tricks to impress your friends and family with at the Christmas dinner table this year!


With this app you can learn how to predict the future, read minds and even display your proficiency at mind control… all thanks to your iPhone! It’s easy to use, with written and video instructions, doesn’t require voice recognition or wireless communication, and it’s apparently impossible for your audience to work out what your secrets are. What could be better?

Magic Spider

This is more of a prank than a trick but still worth getting the app for (although you’ll also need a realistic-looking fake spider to get it right as well). You take a photo of someone’s palm and put the phone on it for them to hold while attaching the spider to the back of their hand.

A spider will appear on the screen and they’ll be able to feel the vibrations from your phone. Wave your hand over the phone and watch them scream in horror when they see your fake spider on the back of their hand!

Magic Trick

If you’re into your cards, this is the one for you. The app will show you how to amaze with your smartphone guessing what card your friend is thinking of… and how to then make that card disappear!